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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


Tutorial services are educational intervention that helps the students and individuals in improving their school performance, gain advance knowledge, and prepare students and individuals for standardized examinations or any test. School pressures and demands such as competition among other students, bullying, and other distractions that can obstruct learning in school. However, a relaxed setting with a competent and friendly tutor in New Canaan CT provides a more secured environment and experience for learning. For home-based tutoring, our tutors are willing to go to your homes and give them the best tutoring services that you deserve as our clients.


Our comprehensive tutorial program, we make learning an exciting experience. The program and services that we offer are founded on the principles of effective communication between the tutor and the tutee as one of the most significant factor for successful tutoring. It encourages participation of the learners, working with what the learners know, and handle the low of learning process effectively.


We have a dynamic team of efficient and qualified tutors who are willing to provide quality tutorial services for specific subjects such as mathematics, English, history, physics, chemistry, and many more. There are cases where a students can be excellent in English grammar but may be poor in spelling. There are students who are performing well in school but tutorial method can provide them an advantage among their classmates. Tutors are qualified partners of the schools in helping the students learn in a flexible, relaxing and in easy way.


With our tutorial services, learning process lessens distractions. Noise and other interruptions in school will have negative impact on the students but tutorial methods, the tutors can set the mode where the students/tutees are concentrated on learning in a relaxing mode. We have an effective system where we can match the academic needs and goals of the students/tutees with our friendly tutors.


Apart from helping the students/tutees learn from their lessons in school, our tutors can provide homework help. Our program aims at assisting the students/tutees learn, analyze, and understand and solve problems, develop study habits and skills to do and complete their tasks in school including homework, and set attainable goals for themselves.


Whether you choose home-based or online tutoring method, our services is an interactive method that motivates the students/tutees to express or ask questions that they could not ask in classroom. The tutors will not only give them precise answers.


At Tutoring Services LLC, we keep our commitment. Our commitment that aims in helping our students/tutees achieves their academic goals by providing them opportunities to learn and develop skills confidently and responsibly.


If you are interested to employ the services of our competent tutors in New Canaan CT, you can contact us by sending us email or by calling us by telephone. We will be very happy to discuss with you how we can help you best and achieve your educational goals.


Again, welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!