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Are you a certified teacher who has been searching for a part time job to earn extra cash to supplement some basic daily needs? In this article, we hope to answer your concerns and decide on this type of part time job.


We start by defining differences and commonality about school teaching and tutoring. School teaching involves the management of bigger groups of students while tutoring deals with one student at a time but can handle smaller cluster of individuals for special tutorial sessions like reviews for examinations. School teachers follow a structured school system and curriculum created by the government, while tutors follow up the learning gained from classroom instruction.


The designs her lesson plans while the tutor helps the students/tutees to gain better understanding of the lessons they may not be able to comprehend in the school due to some reasons. The teacher explains the content knowledge from the curriculum while tutor helps the students/tutees who have difficulty in comprehending the lessons or enhance knowledge to get ahead of others.


Who are We?

Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of proficient and friendly tutors who provide an alternative intervention to students or individuals who are struggling with their studies to improve their understanding and skills in school.


Our competent and friendly tutors in Bedford NY work devotedly and creatively with their students/tutees in any way they see it fit and proper. Our tutorial services come in the form of online tutoring and home-based tutoring methods. Online tutoring offers a distance learning with the use of internet connection and computer and its basic accessories like headphones and web cam to conduct tutoring sessions. With home-based tutoring method, efficient and friendly tutors come to the homes of their tutees to perform tutoring sessions.


Our tutors also caters to individuals or students who are preparing to take standardized examinations such as Praxis I, Praxis II, SAT, GMAT, GRE by reviewing and teaching them to avoid the frequent mistakes examinees make during the examinations.


The bulk of responsibility of the tutors lies in helping the students/tutees understand concepts and principles gained from school and assisting them shift their bad habits to better and effective study habits. Our tutors also empower them so they can study on their own, do their homework and other class projects independently, confidently, and responsibly.


The Challenge

An experienced teacher, who works as a tutor even on a part time basis, can perform both tasks efficiently and effectively. The teacher knows the academic objectives and has the ability to reinforce the knowledge through tutoring. The capability of the teacher to teach is shaped by her teaching experience, education, and training and teacher’s certification.


If you are a certified teacher who is want to find a part time job where you are not pressured on learning new skills, tutoring in Bedford NY is the best option for you. We are inviting you to apply and join our team as tutor.


To become one of our proficient and friendly tutors, you will undergo some interviews and background check as we also do with our clients for safe tutoring. We assure you of continuous stream of clients all throughout the year.


To maintain smooth flow of the system and the site for continuous flow of clients and student leads, we shall be asking for a small percentage from your earnings as an administrative fee. This will help us continue serving tutors and tutees in Bedford.


Feel free to take a tour site to get to know our tutoring services and programs. You can contact us by sending us an email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by giving us a calling through the phone number you can see at the upper right side of our web page.


Contact us now…some students/tutees are waiting for your help to help them shape better future with the right knowledge and skills!