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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


Tutoring is an academic intervention that aims to address the students’ difficulty in catching up with their lessons in school, or students who want to get advance knowledge ahead of others, or individuals who are getting ready for standardized examinations for teaching certifications or for college admissions.


Tutors have the ability to help students improve and enhance their performance in school. Since the teachers teach many students in a classroom, there is a possibility that not all students can be given the personalized attention each student needs, especially those who are academically challenged. There are students who may not have the chance to ask questions about the lessons or topics they do not understand because they are shy, or because they do not have enough time. This is where tutoring services come in. We use an interactive system of online tutoring where students/tutees and tutors can interact, discuss the lessons, ask questions, be able to do homework with the help of the tutor assigned. Our online tutors also prepare their students/tutees for any examination.


Online tutoring program allows flexibility where the students/tutees can choose the most convenient time for these services. Although the system also uses a “controlled” setting, it offers less pressure to the students/tutees that will help them learn and understand fully what they have learned from classroom instruction or from the book. Our tutors are qualified to teach history, geography, biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, and more.


Aside from academic help, our online tutors are also willing to help the students/tutees develop study skills and habits, develop self-reliance and responsibility in studying their lessons, make their homework and assignments, prepare them for any examinations, and gain knowledge independently. Tutoring program does not focus on academic subjects but also on learning basic skills in analyzing and problem solving, writing, researching, and reading with comprehension.


Getting help from online tutors are easy and practical especially for students who love computer. We, at the Tutoring Services LLC in Bedford NY, are composed of qualified and friendly tutors. Contact us and let us discuss about your academic needs and goals. We have an effective way of matching students/tutees with tutors who can help them best. As partners of the school in developing responsible and creative learners, we are committed to produce self-reliant learners through online tutoring.