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Essentially, background checks are only vested on our peace keeping forces primarily because they are the only ones trained for it. These are the authorities that are mandated to do the checks and they are the ones that are expected to maintain a database of the population. Hence on this juncture, they are the only ones capable of administering background checks. Because there’s only one sector that is allowed to conduct these checks, it’s expected that the process can be very slow that is really painful.

It has been debated for many years as to the need for unlimited access for these checks or should checking be allowed only if authorized by certain sectors. At the end of the day the debate centers on the need for privacy and of course necessity. Or in a legal standpoint, the Congressional arguments dwell on one issue and that is which is more indispensable to the public needs, the adherence to police power or the right to privacy? Though there were spirited talks and debates, the government decided ultimately that it’s best to allow the law to work with the authorities conducting background checks.

It’s time to forget all these and face reality. Because of the policy directions of the government, it was made clear that these kinds of services are now available for the public. With the development of the web, self-checks and related services can now be accessed online.

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